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CD Mastering...What is it and why do you need it?
CD Mastering is the final step between the recording studio and the manufacturing plant. CD Mastering is where the tracks are optimized for level and EQ, Giving your recordings Clarity, Depth and Punch. In today's music market place, CD Mastering is more important than ever and it's critical to have a mastering job that makes your CD compete with other commercial releases. Don't leave this critical step to an amateur!

Now more than ever, with the rise of the personal home studio, it is important to have your music listened to by a professional who has the experience, know-how and equipment to give your songs the professional edge needed to compete in today's market.

Founded in 1989 by Engineer / Producer, Michael Dominici, we are located in New York, the audio capital of the world. We specialize in CD Mastering for the Independent and Major Label Recording Artist and un-like other studios who offer CD Mastering, our only business is CD Mastering, so you know that our full attention goes into each and every project. All CD Mastering is performed exclusively by Michael Dominici, so you never have to be concerned that a student or assistant will be working on your project.

We have mastered recordings by many well known recording artists, as well as a growing list of independent artists releasing their own CD's. Our work can be heard on various TV shows from ABC and MTV to ESPN.

No longer does an aspiring recording artist need to wait to be signed by a major label to make an impact in the music business. Many artists now record at home on their computer or at a local recording studio using the latest from Pro-Tools. However, a quality recording is still "number one" and it is impossible to get noticed if you have a "demo" sounding CD. Even if you feel you have a good sounding mix, remember, all commercial CD's are mastered. They need to be optimized to play on a multitude of systems and sound good on each. Visit our CD Mastering Clients and Testimonials page to view our long list of credits and to see what our peers have to say about us.  

Our acoustically designed CD Mastering Studio is truly "State of the Art", featuring only the best Vintage Analog and Cutting Edge Digital CD Mastering Equipment available. Our custom Audio Mastering facility was designed from the ground up utilizing the latest equipment and proven acoustic principals so you can be assured that the quality lives up to your expectations.

CD Mastering will give your recordings Clarity and Detail, giving you that "Big Label" Sound you desire and turning your mixes into the polished, professional sound that is expected by your listeners. CD Mastering is the single best thing you can do for your music, Guaranteed!!!
See our CD Mastering Info page for more info.

The bottom line is results! We will listen to your mix and analyze what is needed, setting a plan for where it needs to be. Our goal is to Master your music to the highest possible fidelity so that it stands out from the crowd and sounds the way you intended it to sound...
"Clean, Clear, Loud and Punchy!"

If you are doing a complete album with us we take it one step further and make sure that every song sounds consistent to the others. After the audio mastering of each song, we then listen as a whole to the album and make critical adjustments so that no song is louder or lower than the rest. Care is taken to assure a consistent sounding CD. We also will handle all of the editing, song fades, trimming and spacing between songs, as requested. The bottom line is CD Mastering will make your CD ready for duplication, radio play or club spins. Nothing else will be needed to be done.

CD Mastering will get you the sound you hear on the radio, played in the clubs and sold in the stores...Guaranteed!

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